Find the Best Grill Tool Set: 5 Grill-Master Approved Options in 2019

Tired of burning your fingers at the barbecue? Stressed out with short-handled forks and spatulas?

We went on the hunt for the best grill tool set to bring an end to your BBQ blunders and add flair to the fabulous food you prepare on the fire.


What you consider essential depends on your cooking style. It also depends on whether you grill indoors as well as outdoors and whether you are a stay-at-home sort or the happy campers.

There are four ? perhaps five ? tools every set of BBQ grill accessories should have. These are:

  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Basting brush
  • Grill brush, and
  • Fork?

Not everyone is convinced about the fork. Self-professed grill masters claim piercing the meat with a fork lets the juices escape and dries out the meat. On the other hand, if you grew up with a primitive set of rudimentary tools, perhaps the fork is the instrument you handle best. Like we said, it depends on your cooking style.

Tongs need to grip a variety of meats well. Don’t buy something that looks like the ends of the tongs won’t meet in the middle after a few months. Coming to think of it, non-functioning tongs are the most cogent argument in favor of a good strong BBQ fork!

The spatula needs to slide easily underneath less robust foods, such as fish or burgers. You haven’t lived until you’ve learned to use a barbecue basting brush properly.? Why waste all that tasty marinade, when you can brush it on with skill and TLC (tender loving care)?

A grill brush should have strong stainless steel bristles, for cleaning up your grill while it is still hot.? Some models come with a built-in scraper. Using the two in tandem will make clean-up of burnt bits easier.

And it will be so much more fun when you next use your grill.

Nice-to have Extras

Sometimes it is the extras in a set of grilling tools that are the most persuasive when it comes to deciding on your weapons of choice.? If you never roast corn on the cob, corn holders will not impress you. But if you’re a kebab fan, those stainless steel BBQ skewers could clinch the deal for you.

Other tempting extras include digital thermometers for those who have made the fine art of the BBQ into a science. Then there’s the all-purpose barbecue knife or multi-purpose spatula. Or even a handy set of steak knives.

Bottle openers and the type of handle (wooden, silicon, stainless steel) can also be persuasive. Also useful are loops for hanging up the tools when not in use and a handy case for your tools of the trade when you’re on the road.

Best Grill Tool Set For Keeps

Did you know that around 80 million Americans have fired up their outdoor grill in the last year? And did you know that statistics show that?much more than half of all barbecue owners in the USA use the flimsiest excuse as a reason to have a barbecue?

It’ll come as no surprise then that there are so thousand of BBQ grill accessory kit options out there these days.

It’s quite hard to say just yet which of the following five grill tool sets are the best. We’ll give our clear winner verdict later on once we’ve weighed the options. Until then, we’ll let you do the choosing.

1. Durable Basics

The?Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Tools Set?comprises just four items: spatula, two-tine fork tongs, and basting brush.?

If you’re a no-fuss person, who cannot be bothered with gimmicks and “unwanted” extras, then this is the set for you.? Granted, it does not come with a grill brush or scraper, but then you’ve probably got a no-nonsense grill brush already, and have no need for a second one.

Several reviews say it’s worth paying a little extra of this simple, 4-piece set.


  • The extra-thick stainless steel augurs well for durability and strength
  • All tools are 18″ long
  • The weight feels good, and they are easy to hold
  • Loops fit over the hooks of a wide range of proprietary grill hooks
  • the serrated edge on the spatula and fork.
  • The product can be sent as a gift-pack to your barbecue buddies.


  • No grill brush or scraper included
  • Basting brush a little on the small side.

2. Deluxe Presentation

The 20-piece Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe Grill Set?in stainless steel comes in a storage case reminiscent of old-style cutlery sets. If these are your tools, I’d sure like to see your barbecue and grill set-up!

The set includes a spatula, tongs, and silicone basting brush. It also has eight corn holders, five skewers, a cleaning brush with a replacement brush head, and a digital temperature fork.


  • Durable stainless steel tool construction
  • The digital fork is a marvel of science: it has an LED showing the actual and desired temperatures
  • The digital fork alarm sounds when the food is done. It also has a handy LED light for checking food at night-time barbecues.
  • With such a fancy fork, you probably need the one-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel skewers and corn holders are a nice touch.


  • Not everyone is happy with the tongs in this set.? They say they could be stronger. Since tongs are the tool most people use most often, this is definitely something to think about.

3. Hair Sweep – Gotta Love Those Descriptions!

The Comfy Mee BBQ Tools Set is also made of stainless steel and comes in an aluminum storage case.

The kit includes a barbecue fork, barbecue folder, barbecue shovel, just brush, barbecue knife, hair sweep, steak knife, and corn forks.


  • The tools are dishwasher safe. This pleases more people than you can imagine.
  • The barbecue fold is a nice addition to the mix.
  • The barbecue knife is very sharp.
  • 18″ handles are the perfect length.


  • Much is made of the hair sweep being a one-of-a-kind cleaner.? We have our doubts as to how long it will last in practice.
  • There is no grill brush or scraper. Perhaps the hair sweep is better than we’re giving it credit for?

4. BBQs can be Romantic

Any grill master will tell you that BBQs can be romantic. Especially if you have the ROMANTICIST 27pc BBQ Grill Accessories Set with Thermometer.

The only thing not included here is the table cloth, and candles or hurricane lamp for the perfect romantic ambiance once the food is ready.


  • You have two knives and forks, skewers on corn holders.
  • Salt and pepper shakers are included,
  • Probe thermometer.
  • Grill brush and scraper.? Practical and romantic!?
  • Great kit for couples who like to go camping or have a special private backyard BBQ.


  • Two’s a company, more’s a crowd.? If you’re the kind that likes matching cutlery, then this set is not for you.
  • That’s all the dirt we could rake up on this grill set.

5. Precision BBQ

The Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Accessories just slammed the gear into overdrive with their precision tool kit for the barbecue aficionado.

This set is sturdy, well-weighted and comes in a strong briefcase-style storage case.


  • The individual tools are well-weighted (hence the use of the word precision – kinda like the way a golf club head is precision-tooled)
  • Rust-proof design and construction.
  • Makes an excellent gift (if you can bear to give one to someone and not have one of your own).
  • Great big handle loops and decent grips on all cooking tools.
  • Skewers for the juicy kebabs.


  • Some reviews stated that the skewers can’t take the heat. We guess that the skewers are the party filler in this otherwise robust set of tools.

Clear Winner

We closed our eyes and just pointed in the general direction of #5, the Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Accessories.? We were going to plumb for #2, the?Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe Grill Set.

But then, we remembered the importance of scrolling through customer reviews. It seems that #2 has not always fared so well in that department.

We looked carefully at the pictures again.?That is when we realized that #5’s multi-purpose spatula and barbecue knife are incredibly well designed.

The?Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Accessories kit has fewer gimmicks, but some seriously good tools. And there’s nothing that we like more than a great tool that does the job well. And that’s what brought set #5 into the leading position.

So, we consider the 12-piece Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Accessories kit to be the best grill toolset we have found on our travels. Our view is based on value for money, practical value, and the likelihood of the set producing hours of BBQ fun.

We hope you enjoy our other blog posts on the pleasures of grilling in the great outdoors. We welcome your comments and look forward to bringing you more news on similar topics.

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