Best Weber Grill Covers

Outdoor appliances need as much maintenance and protection as the indoor appliances in your home. The best Weber grills out there are excellent for cookouts and events, but they need the best Weber grill covers to complement them and keep them safe. There are tons of occasions where you?d use your grill to add flavor to a party. So, it makes sense to cover your investment and keep it lasting for as long as possible.

How To Find The Best Weber Grill Cover?

The walls and ceilings cover inside appliances in your home, but your outdoor Weber grill needs the right cover that fits, looks good and keeps it protected in all weathers. A lot of people leave their grills uncovered. But, they mostly roll the grill into the garage every evening. We like to keep our grill outside on the patio, and for this, we need to have a well-fitting and waterproof grill cover to ensure we don?t ruin a perfectly good grill. Leaving it uncovered affects the look of the product. It takes down the value of it far faster than if it was covered in the first place. If you want your grill to last, then you may need to do some research on the best Weber grill covers so that it will.

To find the best Weber grill cover, you must first understand the style of grill you have. The covers are not all created equal, and all have different fits and looks. An outdoor quality grill cover will ensure that your grill is protected throughout all weathers, away from animal droppings and tree sap and it won?t blow away in the strong winds. They should also look good while they keep your grill dry and the debris away.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Weber Grill Cover

Two of the most important considerations for choosing the best Weber grill covers are the size and quality of the cover.


You need to measure your grill and see whether you are choosing the right cover when you are researching the possible Weber grill covers out there. There should be a specific cover to your model. But, you still need to measure it for the best fit to avoid dust and debris coming onto the grill when it?s not in use. A lot of covers have velcros and straps to prevent it from flying off, and it?s best to research the options that match the size of your grill. You should also consider how easy it will be to get on and off, as you don?t want anything that?s going to be a struggle to get on and tear as you?re taking off due to being too tight. Protection for your Weber grill shouldn?t be complicated.


The best Weber grill covers should be waterproof, offer UV protection, and they shouldn?t blow away in the wind. They should also not fade under the sun, and they could be the best option if they stay in place with the straps. Lightweight covers are nice, but you do want to feel like the material has some weight to it so you can be confident that your grill is adequately protected. Polyester covers usually offer the best quality as it isn?t easily torn, and it protects the grill from all weather.

How To Use Your Grill Cover Safely?

Ideally, you already know how to use your grill safely, but safely using a grill cover is a little different. Some of the best tips include:

  • Keep the cover off the grill until the grill is completely cooled down. While the cover may not catch fire, you still don?t want burn marks or melted material.
  • When you?re not cooking on the grill, put the best Weber grill cover over it to protect it from nature. You can leave your cooking equipment underneath it, too, which keeps it away from children and other animals. The cover can stop those little hands from touching the gas buttons and connections.
  • Use a washcloth to wipe the cover down if you notice dirt on it. It shouldn?t need a spin cycle in the washing machine, just general wiping down to keep it clean and fresh on your grill. I don?t know about you, but I wouldn?t want a dirty grill cover on my clean grill!

The Top 5 Best Weber Grill Covers

Let?s explore five options for Weber grill covers that may be what you are looking for for your outdoor grill:

Weber Grill Cover 7106

My rating –

The Weber Grill Cover 7106 covers the Spirit 200 and 300 series gas grills, so before you buy, make sure you have a grill in these categories. When you buy the cover for your Weber Grill, you want it to last. The Weber Grill Cover 7106 may be the durable option you?re looking for, mainly if you live in an area that gets a lot of storms. Wind and rain really batter outdoor furniture and grills, but this cover could be what you need to protect your grill against it all. It?s not just wind and rain, either.

When I get out the grill for summertime cookouts, I want to know that I can protect it from the harsh UV rays of the sun. The Weber Grill Cover 7106 fits really well with Weber Grills. So, you get that little hit of confidence that it?s not going to be hanging off come morning after you?ve put everything away for the evening. The velcro straps act to be as secure as possible, so there won?t be any blowing away in the wind.

Pros and Cons:

The lightweight polyester material is excellent in all weatherOnly fits the Spirit 200/300 series – will not fit other Weber models
Waterproof – no worry about rusting in the rainNeeds care otherwise will develop leaks in a few months
Fits to the Spirit 200/300 series grills perfectly
Velcro straps are strong and secure
Comes with a three-year warranty

Weber 7130 Genesis II Cover

My rating –

There aren?t many grills covers out there that cover the Genesis II series of the Weber Grills, and it?s unfortunate that this one isn?t as great as the other options on the market. If you are looking for a waterproof product that will keep your grill dry, this could be the product for you. The main problem that we found was that this didn?t last. It?s a lightweight product, but that translates to extremely thin and very light.

I need to feel that my grill cover is robust and sturdy, but I didn?t get this feeling with this cover. It makes rather a lot of noise, and it blows away in strong winds. So, it may not be the right cover for anyone looking for something thick. The problem with the thinness of this Weber grill cover is that it is easily torn. It could crack easily in the cold weather, and it only has one layer instead of two. On the plus side, while the material is thin, it holds up well against hot weather. And, it does have some velcro straps that keep it appropriately secured to the bottom of the grill.

Pros and Cons:

Strong velcro strapsFlimsy material with only one layer
Fits the Genesis II 3 series grillsQuickly blows away in the wind
UV resistanceCould be better if it were thicker – it would feel more durable

Weber 7152 Grill Cover

Made of 100% polyester, the Weber 7152 grill cover comes from the new generation of grill covers. They?re rugged and robust as vinyl, but they are breathable and pliable in extreme cold conditions. Those who are looking for a cover, that is easy to remove and put on, could be looking at the right protection with this one. The Weber 7152 cover comes with a drawstring bag on the side. So, when you?re putting the cover away to use the grill, it?s easy to store.

It?s handy to have the bag, as when I want to get the grill out to cook, I don?t like to leave the cover on the floor to get dirty. The bag prevents that. This cover is for the Performer Premium and Deluxe. And, while it doesn?t fit as tightly as the old model used to, it still just about covers the grill from the elements.

Pros and Cons:

Looks nice and has an excellent fit to the grillOnly one velcro strap to go round one leg of the grill
LightweightDoesn?t hold up very well against the wind
Handy storage bag when not in useThe Performer has handles prevent the cover from fitting as well as it should

Weber 7138 Grill Cover

My rating –

The materials and craft of the 7138 Grill Cover are flawless, with this cover being ones that fit the grill itself. While many velcro straps prevent the cover from flying off, these can get in the way a little. I suppose it?s personal preference as to whether you think it?s overkill or not, but I definitely like the velcro straps. I know that when I cover my grill after use, I won?t find the grill cover on the floor in the morning!

It?s a higher-end price than most of the grill covers for the Premium. So, it was a surprise to find that it doesn?t hold up as well against the elements as I?d have liked. Living somewhere full of sunshine means that I?d need excellent UV resistance, and the fast fading of the grill cover has us doubting whether this could be the right cover for our grill. It?s very well fitted, snug to the grill itself. And, if you are looking for a protection that will stay sturdy, you could be well-placed with a purchase of the Weber 7138 Grill Cover. It?s thinner than the versions that came before, which makes it feel a little flimsy, but it?s easy to put on and take off than the previous versions.

Pros and Cons:

Keeps the moisture outThe velcro system may be overkill to some
Doesn?t harden in the coldWithin six months the cover fades
Fits perfectly to the grill
Lots of velcro straps to keep the cover down
Great length on the cover

Weber Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill Cover

My rating –

When you keep your grill covered, it has the chance to withstand the elements a little better. There?s less rusting and worry about it blowing over with the best cover on it. The Weber Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill Cover is made from a cloth that is UV resistant to stop the grill from fading in the sun. The fabric itself is sturdy and will protect the grill, and it may well be the best breathable cover option to stop moisture from collecting. The cover itself is designed to fit the 22-inch Weber kettle grill, but it may well fit other grills that are a similar shape. The fit of the cover itself is a loose one, so you won?t be wrestling with it to fit around the grill. The cover is also one that may be very easy to remove; all you need to do is release the velcro and lift it off when it?s time to use it.

Pros and Cons:

Lightweight coverLightweight enough to blow off in a high wind
Better than other similar covers as it holds up well against all weathersClips and straps could be better than velcro
Three-year warrantyMay need a hit of water repellant spray to double protect it from rain
Good material weight
Excellent fit around the grill


The clear winner is the Weber 7106 Grill Cover, due to the fact that it has enough velcro straps to keep it down without getting in the way. It?s waterproof and it remains a sturdy option for your Weber Grill Spirit 200-300 series. The Weber 7106 Grill Cover is an excellent option for your grill and it may well withstand the test of time.

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