Best Waffle Maker America’s Test Kitchen

The word ?waffle? conjures up a delicious Saturday morning treat; a full plate, with a slathering of maple syrup, sweet tangy berries and chocolate chips, if you were lucky! Perhaps now though, you?re whipping them up for your own kids, I know I certainly love to, but what exactly is the Best Waffle Maker America?s Test Kitchen has to offer??

When you?re looking to buy yourself the best new waffle maker in town, there are quite a few key elements to look for. Undoubtedly, waffle making isn?t rocket science…or is it? Buying the correct waffle maker, with the correct utilities and harnessing the best attributes of each waffle maker is certainly a scientific driven task; but albeit, a fun one too! I love to make my kids a pile of waffles dripping in chocolate sauce, but it?s important that they are cooked to perfection; no dry brittle bits around the edges and certainly no eggy, mushy middles! The key is to look for what elements are going to be best for you. We live in a world where we are constantly told that we should eat well and stay away from sugary foods but it?s important to know that waffles do not have to be unhealthy. The batters you use can provide goodness and what you pair your waffles with can also have health benefits proving that using a good waffle maker can add to your healthy lifestyle!?

How To Pick The Best Waffle Maker!

Well, let?s talk a load of ?waffle!? The best way to pick a waffle maker is to firstly pick out the necessary needs you will have. If you have a family of four kids, you certainly don?t want two of your kids waiting double the time for their waffle; it may just be that for you it?s important to have a larger waffle maker with four grids, for time efficiency, (and to keep your sanity!) Other things to make note of is, do you need a speedy waffle maker, if you know you?re busy in the mornings and time is of the essence, you may need to ensure you?re picking a waffle maker that cooks quickly. Some types of waffle makers have different elements to them that can make your life a little easier. Does it have:

  1. Good heating element – will it cook the waffle evenly, will it taste good and not burn or cook inefficiently in any areas?
  2. It is quick – as I said, nobody wants to wait ages for a waffle to cook; often I?ve found that hotel waffle makers are incredibly fast because of course they have to be, but do they compromise on quality- we will soon explore!
  3. Non-stick – are they easy to clean after? Non stick waffle makers are fab and easy! 
  4. Indicators – do they light up or ping when they?re done, if you?re busy, this could make all the difference! 
  5. Are they big – do you have a lack of space in your kitchen and if so, is size important, the size of the waffle maker won?t compromise on quality but it could help you decide which one is best for you.

What Ways Are Best To Use My Waffle Maker?

When creating waffles, we may have a specific preference. Everyone loves an old fashioned bubbly, airy American waffle; it is light, easy to digest and great for breakfasts. Belgian waffles may be a little more crunchy and deeper, and some waffle makers are not suited to all types of waffle creation, so it?s good to see what waffle makers do offer versatility and can handle any type of batter. You could look further into how best to choose the best waffle maker on YouTube here. If you?re cooking for a bigger family, it?s vital that you get a maker that is capable of cooking more than one, although this may not be a huge problem for you, it?s something to look for. Most waffle makers come with a one year warranty but double check their terms. Is it a case that the more expensive waffle makers are the best? We all know that price can determine quality and that?s something we?ll look into when we review some. Most often the cast iron grid waffle makers can be easily packed up and can be used on the road, in caravans or when camping if you have the energy supply, so knowing how you want to use your waffle maker will help you decide which is best. A heavier, more durable waffle maker may certainly be a good investment for longevity but may be difficult to move from place to place.

?Best Attributes To Look Out For!

What do you need in your waffle maker. We have certainly touched on this but now it comes down to the nitty gritty. The technical side behind your waffle maker and what your specific needs may be.?

  • Number of Waffles – how many can it make at once? How many do you need?  
  • Quality –  a flimsy waffle maker won?t last a lifetime, look for the best materials that are most durable, steel being the best.
  • Non-Stick – is it easy to clean, is it finicky and will it take time to clean before re-usage
  • Indicators –  are you likely to forget that you?ve put your waffles on, ensure they don?t burn by picking a waffle maker that ?chimes? to alert you.
  • Browning Control – how do you like them cooked? Is it important to have a waffle maker that puts the control into your hands or one that takes care of it for you? These are all things to decide.

Now For The Fun Part – The Reviews!

Global Gourmet -American Waffle Maker Iron Machine 700W

This little waffle machine is perfect for the solo waffle maker! It?s tiny and compact and boasts the perfect even heat distribution for the most delicious American waffle. Sweet or savoury, you can add whichever mixture is your preference and although it has a couple of drawbacks but its compact aesthetic means you could happily leave it sat out on your counter; it is available in a polished black. The non-stick grid claims to be easy and effortless to clean and does not leave residue within the grid itself. The price is cost effective.


  • Deep non-stick coating plates – cooks evenly and thoroughly, creating delicious American waffles.
  • Temperature controls – you can set the temperature based on how you like your waffles, meaning you take control of the time and style of the waffle.
  • Indicators – it clearly indicates when the waffle is ready which is very useful. Convenient and easy to use the indicator light ensures you know when the desired temperature has been met.
  • Cord-wrap – the cord wrap means an easier to store machine, for safe and efficient storage.
  • Recipe ideas -these come complete with the product itself which makes it great for a first time purchase. 


  • It isn?t ideal for families -it has just the one grid for one waffle so not best suited for families.
  • Not super quick – depending on temperature it can take upto 15 minutes to cook the ideal waffle.
  • It?s heavier than other waffle makers – it is a relatively heavy cast iron grid which is relatively heavy and must be stored accordingly. 

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is a stainless steel which allow the creation of two ?deep-pocket? Belgian waffles, which is slightly larger than the average American waffle maker. Although the aesthetic of this waffle maker may seem a little more industrial, it allows quick effective waffle making with a non-stick coating allowing easy cooking and clean up. There are plenty of controls to ensure that you are in control of the cooking, whether you prefer crispier or softer, there are options for each desired effect and taste. With indicator lights, it makes the management of cooking easy and with their three audio tones, they will signal to let you know when each waffle is complete. 


  • Can cook multiple waffles at once – perfect for couples or families or even small cafes, it is easy and practical to use.
  • Deep waffles – allows you to create deep 1-inch Belgian waffles and you can rest assured that you won?t burn them with their six setting control knobs.
  • Non-stick – it can be easily cleaned and wiped over with minimal fuss. 


  • It is larger – it is relatively bulky and would be best suited to being situated out on the counter.
  • Must be pre-oiled – before cooking, it is suggested that melted butter is brushed onto the grid to avoid the waffles sticking.
  • Shorter lead – the lead may not be as long as some waffle makers.

Krups Waffeleisen FDK 251

This waffle maker is the perfect accompaniment to a larger kitchen, a working kitchen that needs to create quick waffles with efficiency. This German brand cater for more industrial use and this could easily be used within any kitchen although it only cooks two waffles at a time but its cooking time is quick. Its stainless steel exterior means it?s easy to wipe and stays clean for longer. Although this waffle maker is large and appears cumbersome, it is easily managed and can be stored vertically, with the cord tucked away making it much easier to store in any kitchen.


  • Indicator lights – red light indicates power on, green light means that optimal cooking temperature has been reached. 
  • For heavy duty usage – it is a heavy duty machine, meaning it can tackle plentiful usage and cater to all needs. 
  • Good storage – despite its larger size, it is easy to store and the cord wraps around the back neatly. 


  • Difficult to clean – it can be finicky to clean the intricate parts of the waffle maker. The grid is made of cast iron. 
  • Short lead – the lead is quite short and needs to be kept near a plug point so if space is an issue then this may be a negative. 
  • Lack of instruction – may not be ideal for a first time buyer, it comes with little assistance and no recipes included in purchase. 

BELLA (13591) Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

This traditional waffle maker, comes with the old fashioned handle and sits nicely in any kitchen, it cooks only one waffle at a time but is incredibly efficient for cleaning. It comes complete with a removal tray that catches any spillages or crumbs. Perfect for creating crispy belgian waffles, it is diverse, working with a multitude of different batters. It allows a consistent cool-touch handle to control the cooking of the waffle to ensure it is even throughout. It?s non-stick and easy to manage, and will fold away for easy storage. A good choice for smaller families.


  • Control knobs – these allows you to control the way you cook the waffle and can easily manage and check the waffle whilst cooking. 
  • Easy to put away – it folds away, to be stored in cupboards if needed. 
  • Easy to clean – the tray is easy to clean.


  • Only makes one waffle – as so many waffle makers, it only cooks one at a time which could be better suited for solo users or small families. 
  • Lacks durability – it lacks a little durability meaning it may not be good for frequent every day use.
  • Uses cooler temperatures – the temperature remains cooler than some other waffle makers, possibly due to its traditional handle features which may mean longer cooking times. 

Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

This compact waffle maker creates easy, tasty waffles with flexibility for many recipe choices. Its style is sleek and aims to please the eye with this chic steel effect, it is compact and the waffle iron features a nonstick Belgian style grids for versatility. Power and pre-heat lighting is available to ensure you are not wasting any time. It offers upright storage for storage in a cupboard or pantry. It looks easy and simple to use with a no fuss style.


  • Shade selectors – you can choose what shade you want your waffles to suit your taste, a cool feature.
  • Very easy to use – it is simply pouring the batter in and leave to cook for desired time. 
  • Compact – it is small and effective and folds away to look like a small case.


  • Speed – the speed of the waffle maker can be limited, it takes up to 15 minutes to cook through.
  • It gets hot – the exterior of the waffle maker can become incredibly hot whilst cooking so it is best to avoid and may be an issue if you have children. 
  • No timers – it works on sensors so you need to be sure you keep an eye on the lights.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude our reviews, it seems that there is a clear winner that encapsulates everything you need for a great waffle maker: efficiency, compact and easy to clean, and it seems that for functionality and practicality, Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker makes for the winner of the roundup. It is durable, functions well, with the ability to cook multiple waffles at once, and is easy to clean with a stainless steel exterior, it ticks all the boxes for the perfect home waffle maker. It is a good investment that should last well and be sure to have your kids begging for homemade chocolate waffles on weekends; it makes for the perfect sweet treat! 

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