Best Kitchen Deep Fryer

A good deep fryer can go a long way indeed. Whether you?re looking for UK style fish and chips, deep-fried spring rolls, or something else, you want something that helps you get that crispy, indulgent taste just right. For that reason, we?re going to look at the best kitchen deep fryer on the market.

What makes a great deep fryer?

If you love deep-fried food, then there?s simply no replacement for a great deep fryer. They all work in the same way, baking food at a very high temperature in a heated bath of oil.

However, there are plenty of different models on the market, some more worth the money than the others. We?re going to break down five of the top deep fryers on the market. But first, let?s take a closer look at what you should be looking at when making your choice. Also, what makes the difference between the best kitchen deep fryer and the rest.


How much do you plan on frying, and how much are you frying at any one time? If you plan on using it often to cook multiple types of food at a time, such as frying French fries and onion rings together, then you want to look for a fryer that has more than one basket. Similarly, consider how many you?re cooking for at any given time. If you?re frying food a larger family, you want a capacity of around 3.5 liters

Safety features

It?s always wise to look for any safety features. Cooking oil can be dangerous when spilled, and can lead to grease fires. As such, there are features such as insulated walls and cool-touch handles to stop you from burning yourself. Meanwhile, power cut functions can stop heating the oil instantly if necessary. A pull-away plug is another safety feature. This means that the plug will disengage easily from the unit if tugged on. This will prevent the fryer from tipping when it?s pulled.

Food basket features

If you?re looking for convenience above all else, then a good based might be just what you need. These can be lifted completely out of the oil, allowing you to quickly drain oil from the foods being fried. It also makes it much easier to handle whatever the food inside the basket is, instead of having to use other devices to scoop or lift it out.

Automatic oil filters

If you filter out the oil from a deep fryer after using it, you can reuse it time and time again. Some deep fryers come with an oil filter readily installed. After you?re done cooking, it will start collecting the oil in a separate container. This way, you can save on oil to reuse it, but there are some that might even help with the smell of oil in the home. Charcoal filters, for instance, are great for absorbing that oil smell.

Temperature settings

Most deep fryers will come with some kind of adjustable heating. Whether a manual knob or a digital control, it always monitors and adjusts the temperature to suit your needs. Easy-to-use, easy-to-understand temperature settings are a nice bonus for any deep fryer. Some fryers also come with guides for what temperatures to fry which foods at. While not a whole new feature in and of itself, it?s a nice addition, at least.

Timing features

A timer is simple enough. It can help you set the amount of time needed to cook different foods, alerting you whenever the time is up. It?s important to note that most fryers with timer functions aren?t like microwaves: they won?t stop cooking once the timer?s up. It?s to be used at your own discretion. Still, highly helpful for making sure you get your food nice and crispy, without getting them overcooked.


Deep fat fryers need to be cleaned regularly. However, this isn?t always so easy given some models. A few features that can make washing your fryer more convenient can include detachable lids (preferable with locks), enameled or stainless steel bowls, and leak prevention features. Oil can be tough to scrub away, but these features can make sure you don?t have too much of a mess on your hands.


The warranty that you get on your fryer can differ widely, from as little as 60 days to as long as a year. As well as warranty length, however, you should look at what?s covered in the warranty, as well. Some warranties are longer, but limited, meaning they won?t cover all types of damage and faults.

With that information, hopefully, you understand what makes the best kitchen deep fryer. Now it?s time to take a closer look at the pros and cons of the five fryers that we think stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket, Model FR8000

My rating –

If you?re cooking for a bigger family, then this T-fal deep fryer?s 3.5-liter capacity has you covered. Of course, after cooking for such a crowd, you?re not going to want to waste too much time washing. This makes the non-stick stainless steel pan and meshes so much more convenient. Furthermore, it?s all totally safe to put in the dishwasher.

Besides the adjustable thermostat, we need to call attention to the rapidness with which this deep fryer heats up. Yet, while the fryer?s heating up, the ?stay cool? touch handle is making sure that you?re at no risk of giving yourself any nasty burns.

The T-fal FR8000 also comes with both a drainage system. It sucks all the excess oil from the main container into a small plastic tub on the bottom that you can easily pull out after. The EZ Clean Oil-Filtration system attached minimizes any oil smells at the same time too.

Pros and Cons:

Cool-touch handle is a great safety featureOnly one basket, so not great for multiple foods
Quick to heat upOil containers can leak sometimes
Big capacity
Drainage system gets rid of bad smells
Super easy to wash

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Deep Fryer

My rating –

With this triple-basket 4.2-liter fryer, you?re never going to have problems cooking up a feast again. The Secura Deep Fryer allows you to cook two different foods at once with the smaller frying baskets. But, you can switch them out with the third to fry a jumbo-sized batch of food.

Big as it is, the Secura Triple Basket is plenty powerful, too. With a 1700-watt heating element, it?s able to preheat and recover temperature readily. The thermostat allows temperatures from 250 to 375 degrees. The timer function on the Secura is excellent as well, as it automatically shuts off the heat when time?s up. The lid offers a little extra safety by stopping oil splatter, but the see-through window allows you to make sure everything?s cooking fine, too.

The stainless steel fryer is easy to wash, thanks to the material and the removable lid. Add to that a 4.0-liter tank, that should be able to help you easily drain it. The odor filters also come with it, and you have a highly convenient appliance.

Pros and Cons:

Huge capacityThe lid is removable but doesn?t latch into place so care must be taken
Multiple baskets with some versatilityFryer doesn?t turn on if the timer isn?t on
Timer with auto-stop function
A lid to stop spills
Quick heating

Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

My rating –

As the name suggests, this cool-touch deep fryer is designed with safety in mind, first and foremost. That?s thanks to a highly insulated tank that stops the heat from the inside reaching the outside. The handle and top are cool-touch, too.

However, it?s not the biggest of tanks. It?s probably better for those who are frying for one or two or who fry less often. Despite that, the 1500-watt heating element still gets to work fast. You don?t have to wait too long for delicious deep-fried food.

Compared to some of the others we?re looking at, it is somewhat light. There?s no timer feature and no oil filtration. However, as one of the most affordable fryers on the market, it might still be a compelling choice for those who want to give fried foods a try but aren?t willing to invest in something more extensive.

Pros and Cons:

Simple to use, heats up very fastNo timer or filter
Cool-touch case and handle keep it safeSmall cooking capacity
Very easy to clean thanks to the removable lid and enamel coated base
Relatively inexpensive

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

My rating –

Immediately distinct for its bucket-shape, the GranPappy is a big countertop made with non-stick heavy-duty aluminium. As such, thanks to the shape and the material, it?s very easy to clean. With a 1500 watt heating element, it quickly gets the oil up to the temperature and keeps it there.

As big as it is, it?s got a few noteworthy safety features. The weight and the no-skid rubber feet keep it nice and stable.  Meanwhile, the magnetic safety cord prevents the tub from spilling when the cord is pulled on. And, the snap-on storage lid secures it in place to stop spills. However, the lid is only designed to be used when the fryer isn?t heating, so its use is limited.

It pretty features light, with no timer, no filter, and no way to collect the oil used inside. Similarly, it has no basket to cook with, either. In terms of a sizeable and relatively cost-effective fryer, however, there are worse choices.

Pros and Cons:

Plenty of cooking capacityLid is for storage only and may melt if used while cooking
Stable and solidVery feature light
Easy to wash
Good safety features

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket ProFry

My rating –

Lastly, we have another Presto Deep Fryer, but this is one of a significantly different design from the GranPappy. For one, it has baskets; two of them, in fact. Add to that its 5 lb food capacity. You can cook plenty for a big family, including multiple things at once.

This fryer is made of stainless steel with aluminum elements, with a detachable lid. This makes it easy to clean while also preventing some of the risks of spills. The 1800 watt immersion element heats the fryer up very quickly indeed.

However, like the other Presto model, it?s a little light with no timer, no removable oil tub, and no filter. Furthermore, some dysfunction with the thermostat has been noted. We found that it didn?t cook as thoroughly as expected, and that might be because, as some reported, it?s prone to measure the temperature wrong.

Pros and Cons:

Baskets are good for cooking more food at the same timeNo timer
Large food capacityNo filter
Easy to cleanThe thermostat doesn?t work as well as it should
Lid stops oil spills


Which deep fryer you should choose depends on your needs. If you?re not going to be using too often, and only for smaller groups, then the Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer is safe, it?s cost-effective, and it?s very easy to use.

However, when looking at the best deep fryer on the market, we acknowledge that we?re most likely talking about people who want to fry and who want to fry often. As such, it?s hard to pick between the top two. But in second place, the T-fal model performed very well, heating up quickly, and was very easy to use. It also had a bunch of features like the lid and the oil collecting tray that we liked a lot.

But our number one has to be the Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer. If you?re making meals for the family, you?re going to love the versatility of being able to switch between the jumbo tray or multiple trays to cook multiple foods. On top of that, it?s got a great cooking capacity, a removable lid, and a timer. It actually stops cooking when time is up, which is a feature that?s rare in deep fryers. It?s our clear winner.

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